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Fora Financial can approve merchant cash advances up to $750,从批准开始72小时内就完成了1万件.

当你收到商业资金, 你可以一次性预支, and in turn remit a percentage of your business's credit card transactions. 因此, the remittance timeline is tailored to the flow of your business’s sales.
At Fora Financial, we don’t restrict how you use your merchant advance. While your business may benefit from financing for new equipment, 另一家企业可能需要它来支付工资. We provide the 商人资金, and you determine how to use it.
From completing your financing application to receiving a merchant cash advance loan, 我们会在那里协助你. If you have any questions, our Customer Support team is available to help. 我们致力于帮助您的事业成功!


Fora Financial’s 商人资金 product is suitable for businesses that accept credit card processing. Watch our video to learn more about how merchant cash advances work.




  • Remittance based on business’s credit and debit card sales
  • 没有设置项
  • 提前付清贷款折扣
  • 无使用限制
  • 不需要担保
  • 免费,无义务报价
  • 营运资本从5000美元到75万美元

商人预付现金s Are Perfect For These Industries:

  • 服务
  • 餐厅
  • 零售
  • 医疗/保健
  • 汽车


  • 填补库存订单
  • 升级设备
  • 招募新员工
  • 开始翻新工程
  • 为市场开发付费
  • 投资新技术
  • 扩大你的生意
  • 为工资准备现金
  • 短期内费用
  • 改善现金流



We require a one-page application and three months of credit card statements. Once submitted, you'll receive your approval status within 24 hours.
Merchant funding is the purchase of your business’s future credit card receivables. After your application is approved, we supply the cash advance, which comes with no set terms.
一旦你收到你的商户预付现金, the remittance is a percentage of your credit card transactions. 因此, the amount of sales you make will determine the length of time it will take you to repay the advance.


  • 至少6个月
  • 信用卡销售额最低5000美元
  • 没有开放破产


*Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee funding.

Everything You Need to Know About 商人预付现金s

This financing option is a great fit for businesses that process a high volume of credit card transactions 

Whether you need cash for slow seasons or want to seize a new opportunity, 我们致力于协助您的业务. 一旦你申请并收到商业现金预付款, 你可以坐下来看着你的生意成长!


At Fora Financial, we’re passionate about helping small business owners like you succeed. That’s why we provide merchant cash advances to small business owners in a variety of industries!

Unlike a term loan, merchant cash advance remittance fluctuates with your business’s sales patterns. 我们知道企业有起有落. Your business may have a few months where sales are booming, 然后经历一段他们减速的时期.

Naturally, you won’t be able to remit the same amount during both periods. When sales decrease, you’ll need to try and cut expenses in order to remain operational.

That’s why with when pursuing financing from a merchant cash advance company, 有一个保留百分比. This is a set percentage that is withheld from your credit card transactions until you satisfy your obligation. 这种方式, a certain percentage of the sales from your bank account will be used for remittance, 而不是固定的付款金额.

Many business owners appreciate this because there is no set payback schedule, so they have the flexibility to remit their cash advance in a similar pattern to the ebbs and flows of their sales. When sales are up, your holdback percentage will result in a higher dollar amount. 另一方面, 如果你的销售正在经历停滞期, your holdback percentage will result in a lower dollar amount.


Merchant cash advances are especially beneficial for business owners in the restaurant, 零售及服务业. This is because these industries typically receive a large volume of credit card transactions. 有些公司不接受信用卡, 或者不经常收到信用卡交易, 通常不会有资格获得商业融资.

If you run a business that primarily accepts credit card transactions, pursuing a merchant cash advance could be the choice that takes your business from good to great!


开始, 我们会要求你完成我们的一页申请表, 提交三个月的信用卡账单, 还有三个月的银行对账单. On occasion, we may ask for you to provide tax returns, a balance sheet, or a P&L.

If you’re trying to receive a cash advance as quick as possible, 我们建议在申请前整理这些文件.


申请前, it is important that you understand how to qualify for a merchant cash advance from Fora Financial. We have these prerequisites in place so that businesses can responsibly and effectively utilize our products.

We require that your business be up-and-running for at least 6 months prior to receiving a merchant cash advance. Being open for 6 months will likely increase the success you have with our merchant cash advance product.

Another funding requirement we have is that your business make $5,信用卡每月的销售额为1万美元. 如果你赚不到5美元,信用卡销售额增加了1万, it may be challenging for you to remit your merchant cash advance. 如果履行你的义务太难了, we don’t want to put the future of your business at risk.

除了, any business we work with can’t have any open bankruptcies or dismissed bankruptcies within the past year. 如果这适用于你, 我们鼓励你关注这些问题, 然后每年申请一次.

If you have any questions about our merchant cash advance requirements, 请与我们的资本专家联系. They’ll be able to provide you with further direction and are always happy to help!